The Weight of Expectation

Deck the Halls and Not Your Family

                                   It’s time for an obligatory holiday...

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Tori Amos' Crucify and the Concept of Codependency

Content warning: Art inspired by religious imagery, codependency and trauma   Those of you who know me know that I’m always processing. Always. I was in the car and my Spotify playlist was going when a song I’ve heard about a...

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Post Traumatic Stress or "The Giant Pile of Shit"

  This comes up quite a bit in session as does most of the stuff I write about. This one, however, I think is a pretty important concept that isn’t clarified enough. Maybe it just doesn't occur to us? So get you a snack and have a...

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On Death and Change

Those of you who read my blogs know that I take all kinds of approaches in my writing. This particular one is going to jump off from the Tarot. If you aren’t a fan or feel any particular way about the Tarot, please trust me and keep reading....

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The Emotional Complications of COVID19

I'm having a lot of people ask me/tell me "My depression/my anxiety is back, Catherine! What do I do?" And at first, I offered solutions for those things. However, upon further examination, it seems that they're actually engaged in...

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Best of 2020 Award!

So, I have exciting news. I got this in an email and I'm very humbled and excited. I hope to continue to serve you all to the best level possible <3   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Catherine McConnell, Licensed Counselor Receives 2020 Best of...

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How to Be Supportive in a Crisis

We're quarantined. That means we're stuck with eachother. So, maybe take this as an opportunity to learn more about how to be better connectors?

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Pandemic: What to do When the Worst Actually Happens

So... I've been monitoring the web topic on COVID19 for a moment and I'm seeing article after article with good intentions but mediocre at best advice on how to handle anxiety in a crisis. They're useful, but you won't find that here....

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COVID19 Local Resources- Tarrant County

Tarrant County COVID Resources   Hello everyone! I thought it might be a nice offering in calming the local pulse to gather some resources in one place for you. First- DON’T PANIC! Panic makes people do silly things to regain control....

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