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Welcome! Finding a therapist can be overwhelming. We’re kind of a mystery and it’s hard to get to know someone through an advertisement or web page. Feel free to take a look around the site’s different pages, my blog, view my Youtube, or setup a consultation. I’d also like you to know that I answer my own phone, so if you call the office you’ll get ME. I want you to be comfortable in trusting that we’re a good fit and that I can help guide you. Whether the issue is anxiety or depression, true trauma, or issues specific to military and first responder, I’m confident that there’s something for everyone here. So take a look around and contact me if you have any questions. I do hope to hear from you soon. It would be my pleasure to work with you.

It is a myth that therapy has to hurt to be effective, particularly in trauma. A big goal in working with trauma is to do our work in such a way that you aren’t retraumatized. We now know that you don’t have to relive all of your trauma to deal with it. We can deal with how it affects you without requiring excruciating pain. That’s not to say it’s easy but with the right tools therapy doesn’t have to be traumatic itself.

The one universal truth in human suffering is that we can’t heal alone. We are social creatures. It is always easier to find your way with someone keeping you company while you walk that path. Not only is that what I do, I cherish it. It is my great honor to do this work and to be trusted with some of the darkest times of people’s lives. Lifting shame, guilt, and fear into the light where it can’t survive is one of the most difficult tasks you can undertake, but as my grandmother would say “trouble shared is trouble halved”- the burden is lighter with someone to help you carry it.

Therapy is deeply personal, not only in your personal journey but also in your treatment plan. You’ll find that I have several different ways of approaching our work and multiple tools at our disposal. This means that we work together to create a personalized plan just right for you that works at your pace. You heal in your own time and not a minute sooner. However, if we go in with a plan then we don’t waste time ambling around in the dark trying to decide on a direction to go. (You’ll find more on planning under “what to expect”)

You are in charge in the therapy room. While I will push you when necessary, I will also take into account the things you are experiencing like fear, frustration, fatigue, and sometimes just plain not feeling like doing what you need to do. These are all natural parts of the process- we take them as information, sort out what your feelings are telling us, and charge on. You’ll find that my process is quite organic, meaning that we let things unfold as they please. I don’t work too hard at guiding the process as it really guides itself. Humans are amazing at knowing what they need to heal but I find that often, once you’re in a place where you need therapy, you’ve been put in a position where you no longer trust yourself. We work to remedy that by allowing you to be the guide for therapy under my supervision.

You will not be left wondering in my office. I work hard to clearly explain diagnosis so that you understand the label that we use to describe what is happening with you. In my mind, that label is simply a tool to help us explain to ourselves and others what is going on and what to expect. Ideally, that label goes extinct once we do our work. MANY psychological issues, with few exceptions, do not have to be permanent. My goal is to work myself out of a job by offering you a toolkit of coping skills that you can use not only now, but in the future when other things inevitably happen because they will. If we do our work right, you’ll be ready!

Please take your time in making this important decision. Look over the site and get to know me. If you feel that you’re ready to take that next step and make an appointment, call the office, email me, or click here.

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