Trauma Counseling, Arlington, TX

Work Through Your Pain With Catherine McConnell

Trauma counseling and cognitive behavior therapy in Arlington & Dallas, TX

If you've experienced trauma, you may be struggling with distressing emotions, upsetting memories or a sense of constant danger. When unfortunate circumstances occur, it can take time to get over the pain and feel safe again. But with the right support and treatment, you can recover faster.

Let me give you the support you need to heal, grow and recover in the Arlington & Dallas, TX area.

Treating the cause of pain, not just the symptoms

Trauma affects people differently, and it doesn't necessarily involve physical harm. If you've experienced a stressful event that leaves you feeling helpless, threatened or overwhelmed, you might need professional help. I offer cognitive behavior counseling for a variety of events experienced by:

  • Military personnel
  • First responders
  • Domestic violence survivors
  • And more

I have strategies that can help you work through feelings of pain, fear and grief to get your life back.

Imagine the things you can do once you're on the road to recovery! Call 817-757-3728 today to schedule an appointment and experience life without fear or pain.