Therapy for Veterans, Arlington, TX

While I am interested in both civilian and military trauma, I have a soft spot for military members. I've grown up in that world, worked in that world, and lived in that world. I feel that this assists me in understanding the unique details that come with Deployment, Post Traumatic Stress, Family and Service Member readjustments, and adjusting after service. There are details unique to the military world that do play a role in treating these issues. I am familiar with these details.

Military Family

There is a great deal of unique stress placed upon the family unit of a service member. I have worked with service members, their wives, and their children. I have assisted in wives better understanding their service member and vice versa. I have also assisted and worked with family reintegration and the special stressors that fall upon the military child. (I am a military child!)

Service Member Stressors- ​both deployment and nondeployment related

I have worked with many service members on active duty stressors and better ways to cope with these as well as on other issues such as Post Traumatic Stress, ​​Injuries and Traumatic Brain Injury, dealing with the things seen and dealt with on deployment, family readjustment, and adjustment to life after the military.