Website Copy

If you think coming up with 350 words for an advertising profile is difficult, try staring at a blank page under the pressure of letting the world know who you are. You have indefinite space. Too short and you don’t reach anyone. Too much, and you lose them. Not to mention, EACH page has its own tone, information that needs to go in, and you really shouldn’t use jargon. Your clients don’t care about the clinical terms, or even really how you’re going to do it, they just want to know you can stop the pain.

How do you draw them in without boring them to death?

Let me help you find your voice. You want your website to be unique, personable, and attractive. You want your client to read what you’ve said and say “YES! Sign me up.” Not only that, you want your ideal client to be the one that comes your way.

Let me help you speak to them.

Website copy pricing varies depending on what you’re wanting. As with my other services, I strive to be affordable for you. That’s especially important because if you’re doing your webpage right, you’ll have several pages.

I discuss with you who your ideal client is and what you want to tell them. I’ll also review your website and help you narrow down what it is you need (and don’t need) on your site. I’ll help you walk your client through your site. We will also discuss search engine optimization and what we can put in the copy to make the almighty search engines notice your site.

You can continue to stare at that blinking cursor, taunting you to try and say something interesting, or you can reach out to me. The sooner we start, the sooner this is one less thing for you to deal with. If you’re thinking you want me to handle this for you, you can reach me at catherinemcounseling@gmail.com