The Podcast! Headspace Radio

Hello Everyone!

In psychology, we have something called “modeling.” It’s a fancy term for “act like you want others to and be an example of how things should be done.”

Well, I’m modeling for you. Specifically, feeling fear and doing things anyway.

*I’m starting a brand new podcast* and I am so excited! It’s called Headspace radio: psychology for the everyday person. It’s intended for YOU. There are a lot of therapy podcasts out there, but they use Jargon (another fancy word which means our terms we use with one another. Remember the time your doctor talked to you and you didn’t know what the hell he was saying? That’s jargon) and sometimes aren’t very clear. Well, this is for you. That means I’m bringing you the experts on different topics like PTSD and how it affects the body, anxiety and relationships, parenting, special populations (like military, LGBTQ, and cultural populations like Latinos).

It is my hope to remove the  mystery behind what we do.

Realizing you have a problem is hard. Not knowing where to turn is awful. And being paralyzed because you don’t know how the hell to find someone is just plain wrong.

We will teach you. Each episode will build on the other so that you can CLEARLY understand what’s going on.

We will connect you to resources. Each episode will have an expert in that area talking, clearly, to you. And we’ll tell you how to reach them or find someone in your area.

We will empower you. Many episodes will be about understanding symptoms. When you understand, it’s easier to fix the problem or even realize that there is one. We will also have several episodes of how to support loved ones who are suffering from these things.

Best of all…

We will cater to you! This is YOUR podcast. If you want to hear something, I want to know about it! If we are unclear- let us know! If you don’t know how to reach out and this is the only place you can, do so!


I’m really excited to bring this to you, and we will be taping very soon!

Edit: Here you go! ;) The first episode!!!