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How Trauma Affects Relationships Part II: How We Interact

I am realizing it’s impossible for me to write a SHORT blog. I’m sorry! There’s too much to say. It only looks long because I broke down the interactions. I almost made each attachment style a different blog but I had so many people asking me when this would be out I was afraid you’d

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How Trauma Affects Relationships Part I: Attachment

  “She overreacts about everything.” “He’s there, but not emotionally. I feel a distance.” “She always hears me wrong.” “We love each other but we can’t make it work.” “She flies off the handle all the time.” “He’s always waiting for bad things to happen. He’s always waiting for me to leave” “I know I

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How Do I Find a Therapist?

This is a question I get from acquaintances often. It’s a very simple and very complicated question. First let’s talk basics: Before you look for a therapist you need to consider a few things: 1) Am I ready for therapy? Sometimes you don’t know. In that case, I’d recommend consulting with one. We can help

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