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How Trauma Affects Relationships Part II: How We Interact

I am realizing it’s impossible for me to write a SHORT blog. I’m sorry! There’s too much to say. It only looks long because I broke down the interactions. I almost made each attachment style a different blog but I had so many people...

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How Trauma Affects Relationships Part I: Attachment

  “She overreacts about everything.” “He’s there, but not emotionally. I feel a distance.” “She always hears me wrong.” “We love each other but we can’t make it work.” “She flies off the handle all the time.”...

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How Do I Find a Therapist?

This is a question I get from acquaintances often. It's a very simple and very complicated question. First let's talk basics: Before you look for a therapist you need to consider a few things: 1) Am I ready for therapy? Sometimes you don't...

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