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How Trauma Affects Relationships Part II: How We Interact

I am realizing it’s impossible for me to write a SHORT blog. I’m sorry! There’s too much to say. It only looks long because I broke down the interactions. I almost made each attachment style a different blog but I had so many people asking me

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Summertime Sadness...

Hello everyone! Apologies for the HUGE gap in between posts. Life occasionally distracts me. But, I've set a reminder and am back on track! Let's talk about SUMMER! As you know, I'm very open and honest with you. Let's talk about something t

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Lizard Brain and the Importance of Mindfulness

    Hello again everyone! I’ve had an interesting experience this week that made me think of all of you…. What you don’t know is that your therapist is ALWAYS thinking of ways to make things better, to relate to you, or making ass

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Let's Talk About Firearms...

*Disclaimer: First and foremost, let me make VERY CLEAR that I am not a lawyer, nor do I have a comprehensive, clear, and all knowing knowledge of the laws in the United States regarding this issue. I am not giving legal advice. This is opinion and

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