Summertime Sadness...


Hello everyone!

Apologies for the HUGE gap in between posts. Life occasionally distracts me. But, I've set a reminder and am back on track!

Let's talk about SUMMER!

As you know, I'm very open and honest with you. Let's talk about something that, from a business standpoint, is very frustrating in ALL of the healthcare community. (Yes, your doctor feels this way too...) We term it the "Summer Slump." Business goes down and clients stop coming in! A few of you are rockstars and keep coming, and if you don't it doesn't mean anything about you necessarily- this isn't a judgement. There's definitely a balance to be struck, so don't feel hurt if it applies to you that you aren' t here right now. Kids are out of school, family is around, and you want to take a break. Understandable and Okay! *As long as it is being done in the right way.*

So- what am I talking about here? Well, we have all heard of certain seasons for certain maladies. We know that depression peaks around Christmas (families are hard!) but here's one that isn't talked about- think for a moment about what I do: emotional trauma and PTSD. If you've read or heard ANYTHING from me you'll know this one: what is the primary symptom of emotional trauma and PTSD?

I'll give you a moment.





Avoidance PEAKS in the Summer. Why? There's a lot to distract you! Kids, summer camps, vacations, family visits, SUN and the beach, summer reads, the arts, you name it, it's ALL going on right now. It is really easy to say that you're going to "take a break" and distract yourself. However, you can also really handicap yourself and stop your momentum by doing this.

I'm going to argue a different point here.

I argue that Summer is the BEST time to do therapy!

Why? For the same reason! There is a lot to distract you!

Catherine! You are so confusing. You're contradicting yourself! You ALWAYS tell us not to avoid. Now you're telling us to avoid?! Not exactly... I'm arguing that this is a good time to handle your stuff because you have fun things to do, are surrounded by family (which, if healthy, is a support system), and won't OVERprocess or get flooded. It's a great time to force your scared brain to strike a balance.

When you leave therapy, even if you only do every other week- your momentum slows down. There's a certain level of processing that happens, and you're doing it all of the time, whether you realize it or not. When we pick at these emotional scabs, we can leave you bleeding everywhere (so to speak) and that's not good. Often, when someone first starts therapy, they get "flooded" - can you guess why it's called that? Because it allllll comes out. You've been holding your demons hostage and the door opens, they all run screaming out the door. While this is good for you, it can also be really overwhelming. With my clients who are late in the game they can spend all week processing, alone. This is not only exhausting, but can be really difficult to bear. If you've got a good balance of things to do besides sit around and contemplate your belly button, then the process will go a lot smoother.

So, there's my argument. Don't allow Summer to become an excuse for more avoidance. Use it to your advantage to make the process just a little more bearable. And go see your therapist... we miss you! ;)