Session Number Four


Hello again everyone! Summer is over- and that means more people coming into the clinic. Today's topic will be familiar to those of you doing the work and for those who haven't done the work yet, don't let this scare you!

When people come into my office I know that they are in pain. They just want it to stop. I give fair warning that this won't be easy- and that symptoms will almost always feel worse before they feel better.

Wait. What? I'm going to feel WORSE?!

Eh. Kind of. I'd argue that you're just going to FEEL. But that's really a different conversation.

So, what's the deal?

Well, again, if you've read ANYTHING I've written then you know that trauma is all about avoidance. These feelings are big, and scary, and they hurt- which is why you've been avoiding them. So, when we start this work and start telling your body that it's safe to process and offload these feelings they all come out at once. It can be overwhelming and scary.

Here's the weird part: IT'S A GREAT SIGN!

Ugh. I know, right?! It's also temporary. Rather than avoiding, as you feel the feelings, they process through and there's no need to avoid anymore.

It happens usually around visit four to xis depending on how long it takes us to take an accurate history and build a relationship of trust. It is VERY common for people to drop out about visit for when shit gets REAL. However, if you trust me (and yourself!) and stick it out, it stops hurting so bad. Promise.

The sooner we start, the sooner it stops hurting. So- who's ready to work?