I’ve been there. You have tried to convey what it is you want your client to say but don’t understand how the hell you’re supposed to do it in 350 words. You’ve edited, reworded, and tried multiple times but nothing’s getting it quite right.


Your listing has been up but doesn’t seem to be reaching anyone. How are you supposed to differentiate?

Let me tell you: it’s all in the VOICE. You have to talk to your ideal client. I see the common mistakes made in PT profiles. I am constantly watching professionals agonize over this.

It’s 350 words. Let me do it.

I charge a measly $150.00 to write your professional profile. If you want more than one, we can do bulk pricing and save you some cash! For the price of one hour of your time (or maybe less than that) I take it off your plate.
I’ll interview you and get a feel for who you are. We will discuss who it is you’re wanting to draw in and what you want them to know about the services you provide. I’ll then send you a draft. We continue with the draft until you get what you need and are able to post it and forget it.
One hour of your time, or twelve? You can continue to pull your hair out over these somewhat important 350 words or you can let me stress for you and attend to your clients.
You can reach me at catherinemcounseling@gmail.com
I look forward to working with you.