On Death and Change

Those of you who read my blogs know that I take all kinds of approaches in my writing. This particular one is going to jump off from the Tarot. If you aren’t a fan or feel any particular way about the Tarot, please trust me and keep reading. It’s a jumping off-a place to start, and the point will be made clear.

That being said, let’s go!

I happen to be interested in a lot of things. It’s not odd that intuitiveness and psychology are two interests of mine, and of my many friends in the field. Carl Jung dabbled and even utilized it as a vehicle in creating his theory of collective consciousness and the archetypes. (That’s a topic for another day.) My point is that intuitive studies and psychology are cousins. This isn’t a reach, nor is this the first time they’ve been used in supplement to one another.

Okay, Catherine. Tarot, cool, but what the hell are you talking about right now?

I’m talking specifically about the death card. My absolute favorite card in the deck. (Really, at this point do you expect anything less from me?)