Ghostwriting Services

This morning your day started off like anyone else’s- you woke the kids, got them fed and off to school, fought traffic and thanked the Universe for the fact that coffee exists. However, your job is different. Once you get to work you are more engaged than any other nine-to-fiver. So far, today, there’s been a suicide threat, a severe depressive who took all of your energy, a grieving mother who you were so sad to be present with while she mourned her child, and an anxiety attack. If that’s not enough, now you are headed to pick up the kids, help with homework, feed everyone, and pray you still have the energy to have some decent time with your partner in crime; that is- IF you can stop yourself from thinking about the insurance that needs filing, the blog that needs writing, and the notes that need finishing. This is our day. This is our normal.

As a therapist in private practice, you are expected to market yourself and run your business on top of the craziness that is a normal day for us. When are you supposed to find the time?! The above isn’t just a vignette- it’s our every day life. Generally, in private practice, we do it ourselves. We write blogs to market. We do our own website copy. We also sort out ways to express exactly what it is we do on advertising for the other professionals we network with. This can be difficult: either you can’t find the time, you can’t find the words, or both.

Let me help! I LOVE to write. I also happen to be a therapist, which means I know what you’re trying to convey. You won’t have to explain jargon, modalities, anything about the business like SEO, ideal client, insurance, etcetera. Let me help you translate what you’re trying to say to language that your clients can understand.
The fact that I’m a therapist also means I know how hard you work for your money. That means that I’m going to try to do everything I can so that you get the most for your money at a reasonable price. You get a personal touch in caring for you as a client and a clinician. I get to know you so that I can be your mouthpiece.
If you could use help with getting your message out in a way that your clients and colleagues will be interested in and will understand you, reach out to me today. Let’s get you out there.

I can help you with:

  • Psychology Listings: Psychology Today, Good Therapy, Open Path, Etc
  • Website Copy: This entails speaking to your ideal client with the words on each webpage. I can also help you sort out what exactly is needed on your site for your ideal client.
  • Advertising materials: Business card verbage, taglines, rack cards, fliers promoting groups, facebook postings or advertisements
  • Blogs: Purchase individually, or in a package. The more you purchase, the less you spend per blog!
  • Special projects: anything not listed here, approach me personally and we can discuss