COVID19 Local Resources- Tarrant County

Tarrant County COVID Resources


Hello everyone! I thought it might be a nice offering in calming the local pulse to gather some resources in one place for you.

First- DON’T PANIC! Panic makes people do silly things to regain control. They do things in the name of the illusion of control (like hoard toilet paper of all things. WTF?) If you are a client, we have talked about fight or flight until you’re bored to tears. You are seeing it in action.

Do you know how you really take control? STAY HOME. Physically distance, but don’t socially distance. Connection is the antidote to anxiety and depression. So is knowledge. So let me throw some knowledge your way!

These resources are national where noted, otherwise for Tarrant County. Take care of eachother, stay calm, wash your hands with soap and hot water, and stop touching your face <3

First off what IS COVID19?

COVID-19 symptoms include:

  • Cough
  • Fever- this is the hallmark symptom. However, it’s important to note that not everyone with Coronavirus has a fever.
  • Shortness of breath- Coronavirus is very hard on the lungs. This symptom varies from shortness of breath, to gasping for air, to feeling like you’re drowning.

In rare cases, COVID-19 can lead to severe respiratory problems, kidney failure or death.

If you have a fever or any kind of respiratory difficulty such as coughing or shortness of breath, call your doctor or a health care provider and explain your symptoms over the phone before going to the doctor’s office, urgent care facility or emergency room.

If you have a medical emergency such as severe shortness of breath, call 911 and let them know about your symptoms.

Symptoms of COVID‑19 may show up 2‑14 days after exposure. The steps you should take if you think you are sick with COVID‑19 depend on whether you have a higher risk of developing severe illness.

High-Risk Individuals:

Older adults (65 years and older)
Heart Disease
High Blood Pressure

*It is important to note that viruses mutate and we are seeing more and more healthy young people get sick. YOU ARE NOT IMMUNE

Weakened Immune Systems

  • People 65 years or older, and/or people with medical issues, like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, or a weakened immune system, are at a higher risk for getting very sick from COVID‑19.
  • If you are a high-risk individual and you develop fever or symptoms, call your doctor. DO NOT GO ANYWHERE, ESPECIALLY TO A MEDICAL OFFICE WITHOUT CALLING FIRST. Be sure you disclose that you are sick. You will still be cared for.
  • If you are not sick enough to be hospitalized, you can recover at home. Follow your doctor’s instructions and refer to CDC recommendations for how to take care of yourself at home.

General Population:

  • If you are in generally good health and have mild symptoms, stay home and take care of yourself like you would for a cold or the flu.
  • If symptoms worsen, call your doctor.

For more information on how to take care of yourself at home if you are sick, see the CDC website: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/if-you-are-sick/steps-when-sick.html?CDC_AA_refVal=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cdc.gov%2Fcoronavirus%2F2019-ncov%2Fabout%2Fsteps-when-sick.html


Please, take this seriously, but don’t panic. Distance yourself from others so that we can stem the tide of this virus. Most of all, don’t forget your humanity in this. Be kind to one another, stay out of fight or flight, be charitable where you can, and we can get through this together.



If you and your doctor suspect you need to be tested for COVID19 there are several testing sites throughout DFW.

Dallas area testing is being done at the American Airlines Center at 2500 Victory Plaza, Dallas, TX.

Surepoint is offering drive through testing in the following areas:


Surepoint Emergency Center - Pantego

Surepoint Emergency Center - Azle

Surepoint Emergency Center - Chisholm Trail

Surepoint Emergency Center Weatherford

Surepoint Emergency Center - Denton

Surepoint Emergency Center - Stephenville


Here’s the main link:


PLEASE SPEAK WITH YOUR PROVIDER FIRST! YOU WILL NOT BE TESTED IF YOU DON’T MEET CRITERIA and you’ll waste valuable time at the site if it doesn’t apply to you.


As for psychological care, several providers, myself included, are donating hours to first responders who need to process what’s happening. We also have multiple sliding scale resources available in this time of financial crisis (for everyone, not just first responders.)




and as always, I’m open via telehealth!

*An important note. Generally, providers have to be in the same state as you when doing telehealth. While that is still best practice, this has been dissolved for the next 90 days. Insurance has also been mandated to pay for telehealth. If you’re concerned, check their website or give them a call to confirm.

Financial Relief:

Many banks and mortgage companies are suspending interest, offering payment plans, and suspending payments altogether. Go online or call your company to see what they have to offer. Call your apartment office to see what they are planning. Many places are offering discounts and payment plans. ASK

The Government is working on disaster relief stimulus at this very moment. I’m sure that info will be forthcoming.

The tax deadline has been moved from April 15, to July 15. As for now, all other quarters are on their regular deadlines.

There is such a thing as disaster relief unemployment. Be patient as the system is in overload, but don’t hesitate to apply. https://twc.texas.gov/jobseekers/disaster-unemployment-assistance

Also, don’t forget about churches and food pantries! They are there to help, and happy to do so.